How to Recover WhatsApp Deleted Messages Without Backup (2024)


Whatsapp is a messaging platform that is very useful in our daily lives but what happens If you delete your important messages accidentally, and you don’t know what should do? Then, we are here to help. This article is the answer to your all questions about recovering whatsapp deleted messages without backup.

In this case, if you are using whatsapp business and you have lost your messages then it may create a very serious issue for you. 

Without backup, your messages will be gone forever. 

However, there are different ways to recover deleted messages without backup. This article provides you the comprehensive details about your problem.


Why Backups Matter

Backups are very important for many reasons. Such as,

  • Protecting your memories: whatsapp is not only a communication platform, it is a place where people are connected for several reasons and to share personal memories. Regular backups are very useful if you have mistakenly deleted whatsapp media or messages.
  • For business relations: For individuals and professionals, it is very helpful because by mistake if you have deleted the parcel/delivery messages or client communication.  Losing your important data from your client’s chats may cause major issues for your business. Then backups can help.

How to access whatsapp backup manually

Luckily, whatsapp has many methods to get backups simply. 

To access your whatsapp backup in Google Drive or iCloud backups.

Backups in Google Drive

  1. Open it in the Google Drive app or a browser.
  2. Click on the Backup Option and select Backup.

In the backup option, you can see your last time backup generated by Google or whatsapp. Or, you can simply get your backup from the whatsapp chat setting.

Backups in iCloud

To see whatsapp backup on your iPhone, it may be possible with iCloud

  1. Login into your Apple account.
  2. Click on iCloud in Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap on iCloud backups and then the iCloud backup option.
  4. Then, go back to whatsapp and click on chats >> chat backup in whatsapp settings.

Methods to recover WhatsApp deleted Messages with third-party apps

There are many methods to get whatsapp backup with third-party apps.

If you have no backups for your chats it may be very difficult to recover whatsapp deleted messages.

But, if you know about trusted and reliable third-party apps that don’t cause any problems, you can get help from it.

Android Recovery (No Backup)

    Trusted apps can save your time and data also like EaseUS MobiSaver, DroidKit, etc.

    Here are simple steps for using DroidKit:

    • Install the app on your Android device.
    • Scan for Android internal storage.
    • See the data and recover whatsapp deleted messages.

    It is compatible with many versions of Android.

    iOS Recovery (No Backup)

      For iPhone use PhoneRescue app. It is also a clean and simple app like DroidKit, but Droidkit works better in Android than iOS.

      • Install the app on your iPhone.
      • Connect your iPhone with the app.
      • Choose the “Recover from iOS device” option on the screen.

      See your data and recover whatsapp messages as you want.

      Methods to Recover WhatsApp deleted Messages without Backup

      It is simple on Android devices to recover deleted messages without backup but not on iPhones.

      1. Find the directory of whatsapp on the Android file manager.
      2. Search and tap on “Database”.
      3. Select the “whatsapp backup” file which you want to use.
      4. Uninstall and then reinstall your WhatsApp app.
      5. Give your whatsapp number and validate.
      6. Whatsapp will give you the backup option that is available on your device.
      7. Select the Restore option to recover your deleted chats.

      Note: In iPhone, has no database option but it can offer different variety of online tools and apps that can be useful.



      Here, we discussed the methods to recover deleted whatsapp messages without backup in Android and iPhone. 

      These methods are workable and useful for you. 

      If you have any queries, or questions related to the article, Please don’t hesitate to contact us. And, if you like the article comment below.

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