7 Best Websites to Download Free Music Without Copyright (2024)

Do you know about the world’s best websites to download free music without copyright?

If No, here we are to help you and turn your music passion to the next level.

Finding free music samples is difficult because most of the music is premium and copyright-protected on the internet. Many of your favorite artists create popular songs regularly.

The problem is that you can only listen to them, not download them. But from these websites (which I listed), you can easily download the music and use this music in your videos or YouTube videos without copyright.

7 Best Websites to Download Free Music Without Copyright

Before I start telling you about the music downloading sites, I want to tell you that all these sites have good reviews, excellent engagement, perfect traffic, and high popularity.

What is Copyright Free Music?

The “Copyright Free Music” means that music is used by anyone freely. It means any person can use it in its videos and for other special purposes.

In this digital era, copyright-free music is very difficult to get because creators and artists have marked their music as copyright-protected or premium. 

Why do you need copyright-free music?

Music is used in many fields like advertising, film industries, YouTube videos, etc. You need music if you are a music passionate or a content creator. But, if you use copyrighted music you are under copyright law. 

In this case, you need copyright-free music.

List of free music downloading sites

Here’s the list of free music portals, where you can easily download copyright-free music.

  1. Jamendo Music
  2. SoundCloud
  3. Amazon.Com
  4. ReverbNation 
  5. Bensound
  6. SoundClick
  7. Bandcamp

Best Websites to Download Free Music Without Copyright

Note: All these sites offer both free and premium music, and in some of these you need to make your account to download the music. 

Jamendo Music

Link: Download Music from Jamendo

Best Websites to Download Free Music

Jamendo is a popular music site and is very valuable for both music artists and music lovers.

Jamendo was founded in 2005, which says that it’s trustworthy. 

By providing new to new features, it has grown a wide range of global communities and users. 

It also has different filters to select your favorite songs. Or, go through to the “Explore” option in the left sidebar to explore different communities and musicians, etc.

The main part, you need an active account to download the music, if not simply click on the play icon and listen to music for free.

Click on the search bar, and search the artists you like or any artist names you have in mind.

Also Available on iPhone and Android as an app to stay connected with music. 

Users Like
✅ Various ways to browse music
✅ Mobile App
✅ Streaming Options
✅ Online Radio function
Users Dislike
⛔ Required account creation
⛔ Only mp3 option for downloading
⛔ No HD quality


Link: Download Music from SoundCloud

Best Websites to Download Free Music

SoundCloud is a well-known music platform with Millions of users. It allows users to upload music, make space in the music industry, and monetize music to get paid. It was founded in 2007 in Berlin Germany, it has made its position on the list of one of the largest music streaming services.

Like Jamendo, it also provides monetization options for artists. Like other music places, it also provides both premium and free music.

Not all the music is copyright-free; you have to give attribution to the artist in some cases. It is also free, may you understand my point (please understand the other’s rights).

Users Like
✅ Lots of ways to browse music
✅ Mobile App
✅ Tons of music samples
✅ Listen before download
Users Dislike
⛔ Login must required
⛔ Not all music and songs are downloadable

Amazon Music

Link: Download Music from Amazon Music

Best Websites to Download Free Music

Amazon Music is a robust music platform, providing millions of tracks for free. Rather than others, it provides digital features like Alexa music and Amazon Prime integration.

It offers a vast library of playlists, music tracks, podcasts, and free streaming. The best feature of this music portal is a wide range of search filters like singer name, country, music title release date, etc.

Amazon Music curates a broad audience like artists, content creators, prime members, and music enthusiasts like you. 

Amazon also provides Amazon Music Unlimited premium subscription. This provides an ad-free experience, offline listening, and exclusive content. 

Users Like
✅ Genre, and other rich filters
✅ Mobile App
✅ Music with Alexa
✅ Amazon Music Prime
✅ Millions of tracks
Users Dislike
⛔ little bit challenging downloading process
⛔ Amazon account needed
⛔ unrelated sponsored ads


Link: Download Music from ReverbNation

Best Websites to Download Free Music

ReverbNation is completely free to use for music listeners, no subscription is required but if you want to download then you can download some of the music for free. 

Its Discover page is for music enthusiasts, not other pages for them.

With its great features, you can discover new music collections, apply filters and genres, and follow your favorite artists.

Users Like
✅ Various filters to find music
✅ Mobile App available
✅ user-friendly music player
Users Dislike
⛔ User account needed
⛔ Many of the songs are premium


Link: Download Music from Ben Sound

Best Websites to Download Free Music

Bensound is also a well-known music platform for listening and downloading music for free. It also provides loyalty-free songs. Many users engaged with it and praised that it provides high-quality services for its users. Bensound has generated a wide community and receives mostly positive feedback from its users.

It also provides downloading like other above websites, copyright-free and royalty-free music.

Users Like
✅ High-quality downloading format (mp3)
✅ No user account is needed
✅ Affordable pricing for premium music
Users Dislike
⛔ Attribution required
⛔ Not all the songs are free


Link: Download Music from SoundClick

Best Websites to Download Free Music

For Music enthusiasts and music artists, Soundclick is a great choice. It offers a vast range of free and premium tracks for music lovers. 

Users can download music without any account needed. Music can be downloaded in standard and high quality. It is based on a social music community that allows you to interact with your favorite artists via comments and social media messages. You can create your customizable playlists and make history for later use.

Note: The comments and playlists option is only available if you have an account on Soundclick.

Users Like
✅ High-Quality downloading 
✅ Direct Artist interaction
✅ customizable playlists
Users Dislike
⛔ Less Social Integration 
⛔ Fewer advanced features
⛔ Attribution required for some of the tracks


Link: Download Music from Bandcamp

Best Websites to Download Free Music

Bandcamp is a valuable and easy-to-use music platform for both, artists and music lovers.

Bandcamp is known worldwide for its artists as well as user-friendly policies, and high-quality audio options (including download options).

The process of listening and downloading music on Bandcamp is clean and efficient, and you may be happy to download the music without any restrictions and with several download options.

Users Like
✅ Extra search filters 
✅ Wide range of download options
✅ Various playlists and tracks
Users Dislike
⛔ Attribution required
⛔ Many of the songs are premium

Final Thoughts

However, these are the all-time best websites to download free music without copyright. These all websites provide quality and free-to-use music. Some of these also provide royalty-free music, if you’re interested then you can purchase them and use them commercially.

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If you have any queries and questions about these above free music downloading sites you can simply comment below, and don’t hesitate to contact us.


Which is the best site to download music for free?

SoundCloud is the best site to download music for free without copyright, it provides millions of tracks and thousands of playlists to download.

How can I download MP3 songs for free?

From the world’s well-known and best mp3 songs downloading websites, you can download songs for free. Jamendo, SoundCloud, and Amazon Musare the best.

What is the difference between Royalty-free and Copyright-free music?

The royalty-free music means that you have to pay one time and use the music multiple times But Copyright-free music means you don’t need to pay any money to get the music. You can use copyright-free music in your videos and other content creation freely.

What music app is 100% free?

Spotify is a music app that is 100% free, but you can’t download the music from it.

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