How to Add Admin to the Facebook Business Page in 2024 || Best way


Managing your business pages is an important way to increase your presence on Facebook.

The procedure of how to add admin to the Facebook business page can be difficult for those who don’t know how. But, in this article, you can add admin to a Facebook business page simply.

In 2024, adding and removing any Facebook business page admin may change.

How to Add Admin to the Facebook Business Page in 2024

What is a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook Business Page is a public profile, also known as a page on Facebook.

It is made for commercial uses and to promote businesses. It is specially created for businesses, brands, products, advertising, etc. A Facebook Business Page is different from a Facebook profile and contains extra options like insights and ad manager.

Facebook Business Pages provide features to help users promote products and give them the best experiences. Let’s dive into the features of a Facebook business page.

Key Features

Public Visibility: Facebook Business Pages can be accessible from the internet, search engines, and Facebook’s search.

Brand Promotion: It is designed for users to showcase brands, promote products, provide services, share media content, and create events.

Customer Engagement: It helps users with crucial tools for providing customers with the best experience and boosting engagement.

Insights and Analytics: It has an area for Page Insights and Analytics to track your page awareness.

Call To Action: They provide users with a call-to-action button feature which enhances engagement. Buttons like Contact Us, Learn More, Shop Now, Search, etc.

Advertising: Facebook allows you to advertise your products to other pages and brands.

Multiple Roles: Not only the admin role, but you can also add multiple roles like Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, analyst, etc.


How to Create a Facebook Business Page?

Creating a Facebook business page is an easy process. Let’s learn how to create a Facebook business page.

  1. First, log into your Facebook account to create a page.
  2. Then, on your profile area, click on the “Page” option.
  3. Click on Create a New Page.
  4. Choose the type of your page or business like Organization, local business, etc.
  5. Simply fill in your business details like Business Name, Address, and contact info to showcase your business or products.
  6. Upload and add a cover image and profile photo to build authenticity.
  7. Complete your page information.

Start posting information about the products and showcase your skills.

Add Admin to the Facebook Business Page

Here’s an easy method to add admin to your Facebook business page in 2024, the latest method to add or remove admin.

With this method, you don’t just add an admin; you can also add anyone as Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, analyst, etc.

Follow these detailed steps to add admin to a Facebook page.

  • Log into Facebook
  • Go to your Business Page
  • Access your Page Settings
  • Navigate to Page Roles
  • Assign a new Page Role
  • Choose the Role
  • Confirm your Choice
  • Await Confirmation

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Log into Facebook

Simply go to or the Facebook App on your Android or IOS device.

Type your credentials like Phone or Email and Password and log into your account.

Go to your Business Page

The dashboard will open. Click on the “pages” option in the left menu on your mobile.

Click on the Pages icon in the top bar. Select the page or Business Page where you want to add a new admin.

Access Page Settings

On your business page, click on the settings icon located at the end of the menu.

Navigate to Page Roles

In your Business Page settings menu, find and click on “Page Roles” on the menu. Choose those settings that suit your needs.

Assign a new Page Role

Under the section “Assign a New Page Role,” click on the box named “Assign a New Page Role.” Then, enter the email address or name of the person you want to add as admin or other roles.

Choose the Role

From the dropdown menu, select “Admin” from the roles list. The list contains other roles according to level access or your needs.

Confirm your Choice

After the above step, Facebook asks you to confirm this setting by providing your password.

Await Confirmation

After all those steps, wait for confirmation of the new admin. If he wants admin access, he can approve the confirmation or decline.

Common Issues and Troubleshoot

Invitation not Received by the new Admin

If you have invited the person as an admin and he hasn’t received any invitation, take these steps: Check the details you provide about the user like email address and username. You can resend the invitation from the Page Roles section.

  • Ask the receiver to check his spam or junk folder in his email.
  • Maybe the invitee has some internet problems.

Role not Assigned as Admin

If you face issues sending the invitation as an admin, ensure these points.

To send anyone an admin invitation, you must be the real admin of the business page. Only then can you add admin to the Facebook business page.

Make sure the details you enter about the person are correct and real.

Check that the person is linked to the business page where you want to add him as an admin. If you have additional issues with sending an invitation, try reloading your page or logging out and back into Facebook. These steps may help you solve your problem.

Having Trouble Providing Permissions

If the new admin of your business page can’t access the page and gets an error of permission issues, you need to check the details suitable for him to be an admin.

Sometimes, browsers may cause issues and are not compatible with some versions. Clear your browser cache and unnecessary cookies for better results.

If the problem persists, try contacting Facebook support.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we learned how to add admin to a Facebook business page in 2024, how to create a Facebook business page, and more about Facebook business pages. I hope you find your answers about the Facebook business page. If you like our article or have any queries or answers about it, don’t hesitate to contact us or simply comment below.


How many admins can I add to my Facebook Business Page?

There is no limit from Facebook for admins to add. You can add multiple admins and remove them according to your needs. Only add those people as admins whom you trust more.

Can I add an admin without being friends on Facebook?

Yes, you can add any person as admin by providing his email address associated with his Facebook account.

What if the person I want to add doesn’t receive the invitation?

Double-check that you entered the exact information about the invitee. Also, ask the invitee to check the spam and junk folder.

How can I remove an admin from my Facebook Business Page?

Go to the Page Roles section in your Page settings, Choose the admin that you want to remove, and click on remove.

What should I do if I lose access to my Facebook Business Page?

If you lost access to your page then immediately connect to Facebook support and ensure that your trustee’s admins are still managing the page.

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